Meet The Therapists


Jenny Wedgbury - Owner

Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

Amy Hession - Holistic Therapist

Jenny’s journey started in 2014 and has rapidly grown over the last five years.

Jenny is very passionate about holistic health and well-being and she works alongside and supports many schools within the Dudley and Birmingham borough, she not only supports the pupils but also the parents and the teachers.

If you would like more information about Jenny and her therapies, please contact her via her website or contact her directly on (0121) 369 0587.


Amy Hession - Holistic Therapist

Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

Amy Hession - Holistic Therapist

Amy has been a therapist for over 10 years now, and she has a strong interest in how stress affects the body.

Amy believes that holistic therapies are a wonderful way to rebalance, release and restore the mind and body back into a calmer more relaxed state.

Amy ensures that her clients well-being is paramount, and she loves seeing the changes in helping people on their journey.

You can contact Amy via (07801) 249499


Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

Jemma is the owner of Crystal Clear Therapies and Training. 

Jemma’s journey started in around 2002 when she had a first holistic treatment. The results Jemma witnessed with enough for her to realise that this part of the industry isn’t just about relaxation.

Fast forward to 2019 and with a wealth of experience under her belt Jemma is also a training provider, providing professional accredited training at the centre.

Jemma has worked at the Centre for around four years now, providing treatment and training and she is well known in the local area for her high standards of service and care to her clients and students.

You can visit Jemma on her Facebook page :


Louise Barnett - Holistic Therapist

Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Jemma Gwinnett - Therapist and Teacher

For many years Louise has had an interest in holistic therapies, trying out lots of alternative treatments for relaxation.

In the year 2000 Louise had her first Reiki treatment and her whole outlook on life changed, and her journey into holistic therapies began.

Louise has been working as a fully qualified therapist since 2012, and she joined Inner Wisdom in 2017. She is extremely passionate about all of the therapist that she offers. 

Louise’s treatments are tailored individually to enable my client to receive the best treatment, to help improve any physical and emotional symptoms. To help heal your mind body and soul.

For more information about Louise please feel free to visit her website.


Sam Mullett - Holistic Therapist

Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Sam joined the Centre in 2019 and is the owner of Truewe.

"Sabrina (AKA Sam) Mullett - Truewe

Sam offers holistic and support sessions in Wordsley and Stourbridge.  

All that she offers in some shape or form, are tools that she uses regularly in her own life - supporting her and helping Sam to grow, going from strength to strength.

Sam feels so much better in herself and she is now truly happy and comfortable being her true self.

Sam’s aim is to help you also to grow, get through those blocks that hold you back, through the tough times and to enjoy the here and now, by sharing the tools that have helped her so much, to help you in all areas of your life.

Sam has always been in some sort of support role, with a background of counselling and training, that started me on this path, she now offers a variety of energy healing and support sessions, various types of readings, as well as training.
Other passions that she has which she incorporates in to my work are craft and nature walks. "

To find out more about Sam -


Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Suzanne Tibbetts - Serenity Counselling

Suzanne Is a very experienced counsellor and has extensive experience with young adults and adults.

Suzanne believes that we are all susceptible, at some point in our lives, to feeling overwhelmed by what life can bring. Sometimes we encounter experiences that are hard for us to come to terms with leaving us in need of support, this may be in the form of a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, a job loss; any event that we struggle to comprehend and understand. Other times a series of events may have taken place that leave us feeling like we are walking under a big black cloud and fail to see a way forward. At times like this counselling can help.

Suzanne believes there is no 'one size fits all' approach to counselling. We all experience various life events that shape us, causing us to become 'stuck' in patterns of thoughts and behaviours. Identifying where these patterns originate from allows us a better understanding of why we think and act in the way we do.

When looking for a therapist it is important to find someone you feel you can trust and be comfortable opening up to, therefore I offer an initial telephone consultation to enable you to ask any questions you may have and to explore your needs and expectations of counselling.

To contact Suzanne - 07834808678 or via her website


Lyndsey Gilroy - Play Therapist & Holistic Therapies

Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Lyndsey is a very experienced counsellor and play therapist, as well as offering holistic therapies.

Lyndsey offers a holistic approach to support children and adults to grow and develop on their journey.

Lyndsey is a qualified, accredited Counsellor. She has had an Advanced Diploma in Counselling since 2004 and a Masters in Play Therapy since 2013. 

She has worked with individual children, groups of children and parents and children.

Lyndsey is also a qualified crystal therapist and reiki practitioner.

For more information about Lyndsey check out her website -


Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Steph is the owner of Inner Nurture Therapies, she has been in the holistic field for many years and specialises in meditation sessions and workshops. 

Steph works with children and adults to promote mindfulness and meditation. 

 For more information feel free to check out her website

Sports massage Claire lord holistic therapist Stourbridge

Claire Lord - Bear Paw Sports Massage

Steph Rollason - Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Lisa Tighe - Change Your Life Solutions

Claire is sports mad ! And she can usually be found at the gym or taking on some kind of sporting challenge from tough mudder events to half marathons.

Claire has always been involved in team sports and from having many sports related injuries throughout the years, she has come to appreciate the importance of having regular sports massages to maintain haemostasis.

Even as a person who exercises regularly,or infrequently, sports massage has many benefits.

These include

• increase range of motion and increase flexibility

• improve performance and reduces recovery time after an injury

• reduce muscle tension and prevent fatigue

• lowers anxiety and improves mood 

•Increases blood flow throughout the body 

If you feel that sports massage would benefit you , then please contact me to arrange a session. 

Claire lord : email :

Tel :07854242418 - please feel free to text or leave a message and she will get back to you. 

Lisa EFT therapist NLP holistic Stourbridge

Lisa Tighe - Change Your Life Solutions

Lisa Tighe - Change Your Life Solutions

Lisa Tighe - Change Your Life Solutions

Lisa is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, practicing EFT Tapping and specialising in Personal Breakthroughs

Lisa’s journey started around 10 years ago when she discovered NLP at work.

She was able to get underneath her negative behaviours and thoughts, learn and move on. From this lisa became passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others. 

Lisa uses all of her skills to bring together a package of therapy to suit each individual client.

Lisa works with both adults and teenagers to help them to be motivated, have self belief and confidence and be able to move on from past experiences.

You can contact Lisa on - 07801484636 or via her website