Our Therapies



We offer a wide range of massage therapies, suitable for all -

Therapeutic Massage 

Aromatherapy Massage 

Swedish Massage 

Candle Massage 

Hot Stone Massage 

Hands Free Massage 

Manual Lymphatic Massage

Prices Start From - £30 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage  is a therapy that helps muscle systems used for a particular sport. Sports Massage uses a variety of approaches to help athletes in training, before, during, or after sports events, which helps promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. 

45 Mins - £30

60 Mins - £35

75 Mins - £40

Claire Lord is our Sports Massage specialist 

Mom To Be and Parent Services

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy Massage will help alleviate those aches and pains experienced with pregnancy, it can also help restore peace within and that important time for you. 

Baby Massage 

Baby Massage is a wonderful treat for your little one, it can help with colicky symptoms and help promote inner peace and calm. 

Post Natal Massage 

A unique massage just for you, to help promote a positive mind, restoring harmony within. 

Prices start from - £30

Energy Therapies

Usui Reiki 

Reiki is an energy therapy that works by channelling energy from the universe, it can be hands on or hands off to suit the client. it works via the palms, transferring energy to the client, with an aim to restore balance for mind, body and soul. 

Angelic Reiki 

Angelic Reiki works by calling in the angels to assist with energy healing. 

Violet Flame Therapy 

Violet Flame is a bespoke therapy that uses universal energy to help aid the client. it can help restore balance within. 

Distant Healing 

Crystal Therapy 

Crystal Therapy uses crystals that we believe will help alleviate areas of disharmony. Crystals work on a vibrational level. 

Chakra Balancing 

We all have chakras, these are vortexes within the body that works to help with spiritual balance. A chakra healing can help on many levels, Supporting Mind, Body and Soul. 

Colour Healing 

Colour Healing works by using colour in therapy. It’s a wonderful treatment and each colour works on its own vibrational level. 

Bespoke Therapies

Life Coaching 

We offer the opportunity to create a life you desire through life coaching and looking within. 

Angel Card Readings 

Angel Cards are a tool that is used by the reader to help with guidance in a situation, these readers work from intuition and ofer guidance and reassurance. 


Tarot card readings provide clarity and guidance in a situation. Spirit can come through with these readings but not always guaranteed.

Ribbon and Tea Leaves 

These readings have been around for many years and can tell an individual guidance and support in a situation.

* All readings are for guidance only, they do not diagnose, or replace medical advice, it is advisable that the readings are for 18 and over and are for entertainment purposes. *

Holistic Therapies and Beauty


Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It's based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems, which helps maintain balance within the body. 


Hypnotherapy works within and on a subconscious level.

Past Life Regression 

Past Life Regression revisits past lives that we have experienced, it’s a fabulous therapy to see what patterns are forming within our conscious life and what we can do to change them.

Multidimensional Timeline Therapy 

Sara Lou is the expert in Multidimensional Timeline Therapy 


One-to-One and group session meditations which help restore balance within the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Hopi Ear Candle

Hopi Ear Candles work by removing blockages within the ears, helping with overall wellbeing.

Beauty Therapies 

Holistic Facial 

Neals Yard Signature Facial 

Luxury Spa Manicure with polish 

Luxury Spa Manicure with Gel Polish 

Luxury Spa Pedicure with polish 

Luxury Spa Pedicure with Gel Polish 

Back Scrub and Mask 

Bee Beautiful Signature Detoxifying Body Scrub 

Bee Beautiful Detoxifying Body Wrap 

Bee Beautiful Signature Firming and Toning Body Scrub and Wrap

Support Within Family and Individuals

Stress Management

Helping you to manage your stress through strategies and coping mechanism.


Counselling for children, adults, families and individuals. 

Play Therapy 

Offering Play Therapy to children to help with a range of emotional, physical and mental issues.